Welcome to the official site of the Family Karate Center of Tavares. We offer traditional Japanese Karate instruction in Lake County, FL. Our style is Sansei Shito Ryu with Goshin Budo Jiu Jitsu and Dento Ryu Kobudo. We focus on building Karate skills through patience, discipline, and control. Because we offer a traditional training program it is not necessary to be athletically gifted to succeed. We offer classes for children and adults. We welcome anyone who seeks to learn Karate for Self Defense, Confidence, Discipline, Fitness and all the other benefits of structured martial arts training.
The Family Karate Center of Tavares is a proud member of the Traditional Karate Association. The TKA has affiliate schools throughout Lake County and Marion County Florida.

We are located on South Duncan Drive (SR 19) in Tavares (Lake County), Florida. Look for this sign above our door:

Traditional Karate tavareskarate.com

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