Renshi Scott Quint Promoted
   Renshi Quint was promoted to Godan (5th degree Black Belt) in Sansei Shito Ryu on August 14th, 2013. Renshi Quint participated in a 3 hour test with other Black Belt candidates of various Ranks and had to perform Advanced Kata, Sparring, Goshin Budo Self Defense and Breaking in front of Kaicho Ricky Adams, Hachidan, Head of the Traditional Karate Association. Renshi Quint has been preparing for weeks to satisfy the requirements for this advancement.

The Family Karate Center of Tavares would also like to congratulate Renshi Mariah Adams of the Family Karate Center in Leesburg who was also promoted to Godan.

Congratulations Renshi!

Sempai Duncan Quint Promoted
    Sempai Duncan Quint was promoted to Nidan on June, 10th, 2013. Mr. Quint was representing the Traditional Karate Association at the IKKU Summer Camp in Oxford, GA. Mr. Quint performed advanced Kata in front of Soke Joseph Ruiz, Judan (10th degree Black Belt) and several other High Dan. They were so impressed with Mr. Quint's performance of Kata and other Karate techniques and principles that Kaicho Ricky Adams, Hachidan summarily promoted him to Nidan from Nidan-Ho (provisionary 2nd degree Black Belt.)

Congratulations Sempai!